Throughout the years, I have learned a lot from free online video’s, so, I thought I’d share some of the channels that I’m subscribed to on Youtube in the hope’s that someone finds them useful as much as I have.

NewCircle Training

NewCircle Training channel has a lot of talks around JavaScript, but more importantly, the talks are very relevant to the current state of Applications today. The talks tackle the problems around how to build things faster, scalability, management of state, cross-platform solutions etc. There’s probably at least a few things that you would find interesting here.

My favourite talk from this channel is Hunter Loftis’ talk “We Will All Be Game Programmers”. The talk is funny and is presented in a very interesting way. A lot of interesting ideas with multiple applications in every day programming problems is proposed throughout the talk that gives you quite a bit to ponder about.

Facebook Developers

Contains mainly talks about facebook technologies (React.js, Reactive Native, Flux) – some great materials here and some great ideas on how to handle state in a scalable manner for large projects.


Talks on Functional and Reactive Programming.

PyCon 2015

Mainly about Python, but the talks aren’t really Python specific as they are more about solving problems – most of the knowledge that you get from their materials are very transferable.

Some of the subjects covered are:

Dev Day

Content are mostly in the format of a talk. Very diverse in terms of content.

Some of the subjects covered are:

Chris Coyier / CSS Tricks

Chris Coyier is one of the most known figures when it comes to CSS, so if you use CSS in any shape or form, you should subscribe to this channel and follow CSS Tricks.

Code On The Beach

Most of the talks are around Microsoft Technologies, mainly .NET, but there are some around JavaScript – I don’t think that matters much though as they’re very transferable.

One of my favourite talks from this Channel is from Greg Young around Event Sourcing.


O’Reilly publishes some great books for us Developers – but some people may not know that they also have a youtube channel with some fantastic talks.

One of my favourite talks from O’Reilly channel is a talk by Nikolas Zakas on Maintainable Code.

Having read and leaving a 5 star review for Nikolas Zakas book, “Professional JavaScript for Web Developers” (not associated with O’Reilly), I highly recommend his materials.

Curry On!

As the name suggests, Curry On!’s main focus is around functional programming and it’s benefits (parallel computing, state management, data-driven design, reactive programming). The material’s are presented as talks.


Talks mostly about workflow, utilising tools for improved quality and speed of development for teams of various size, and of course, Opensource.


Very Rails and JavaScript focused solutions, but I don’t think the concepts presented by most of the talks in this channel are Rails / JavaScript specific and can be applied to anywhere within the context of Software.

One of my favourite talks is from Jim Weirich “Decoupling from Rails”

As I’ve mentioned, this isn’t really Rails specific at it’s core, you could change the title to “Decouple your code from your framework”. I am very much in agreement that you should never use ORM in your controllers directly.

Google Developers

You’re most likely using some of Google’s tools one way or another – so it’s worth subscribing. Most of the video’s are about what they’ve used their technology for, so you can get a bit of inspiration for your next project. There are also some talks, a lot of which include machine learning and utilising big data.

Google Tech Talks

Very much Computer Science focused channel, with talks around big data analysis, quantum computing, machine learning and robotics.

Goto Conferences

Very diverse talks here – plenty of stuff around DevOps if that’s your thing.


Plenty of video’s around Functional / Reactive Programming with strong focus on JVM eco-system (Scala, Akka, Play).


Not much content right now, but a few talks that some people may find interesting here. The main topics covered are:

Strange Loop

Most of the content in the Strange Loop channel are code heavy, so if you want to dive into details of implementation of the solutions proposed and not just from top level, then you can learn a thing or two from here by getting into the details.

Netflix UI Engineering

Netflix are big on functional and reactive programming – a lot of the things that they talk about are about performance and scalability with main focus on UI.

PHP Roundtable

Format of the video’s are podcast Q&A style discussing various problems, not just with PHP, but also discussing the business side of things in Software such as freelancing.

My favourite (being a former regular PHP user) is the discussion around asynchronous code in PHP.


Not much to say here apart from the fact that ElasticSearch is arguably the simplest and most scalable solution for search. Subscribe to the channel to keep up with what’s new and get some tips here and there along the way.


FunFunFunction as the name suggests takes learning programming in a fun way, so prepare for many jokes.

My favourite from the channel so far is “Composition over Inheritance” – sure, we hear this a lot as one of the main principles of Software Engineering. I’ve always thought that in a dynamic language such as JavaScript, inheritance doesn’t really make much sense as you’re essentially opting in to tightly couple your components giving yourself less flexibility. This video gives very compelling reasons why inheritance doesn’t really add any value in a dynamic language like JavaScript.