Andrew Williams
Software Engineer

This blog is where I try to write my thoughts, things that I’ve learned, things that I want to share and anything interesting that I happen to find along the way. I’m interested in both the technical challenges of building Software, mainly performance, best practices and scalability. I’m also interested in the subject of the ‘Human Factor’ behind Software.

A bit about me

My name is Andrew Williams, most people call me Andy, I live in London. I’m a Developer specialising in Distributed Web Applications. I blog, travel whenever I have an opportunity and I’m very adventurous when it comes to food.


I have been a professional Developer for over eight years. I currently work as a Fullstack Software Engineer at working on Risk Management solutions to fight fraud.

Before, I worked at JustGiving and where I get to enjoy working on interest problems such as application performance, code scalability, automation, working with multiple teams, processing lots of data and making well informed decisions.

I do some freelance work every now and then. I started doing freelance work during my years in University when I needed a bit of help funding my studies and wanted to gain some real-world experience at the same time. This has helped me a lot in understanding the challenges of working remotely and managing my self.

Before, I worked at one of the biggest digital agency’s based in Leeds called Twentysix. I also worked in a smaller agency called Clarity based in Milton Keynes. During my time working in agencies, I managed to work on a variety of Projects including internal communication tools, large CMS driven websites, integration with pre-existing services, ecommerce, landing pages and email campaigns for marketing etc.

I have a BSc with honours in Software Development from University of Huddersfield. I also have a National Diploma in (IT Practitioners) Software Development from York College whilst living in York, where everyone was friendly and strangers called me ‘Love’.


Some of my spare time is spent helping the Web Development community and Charities.

Keep in touch

Want to collaborate? Got something mean nice to say? any questions that you’d like to ask? Let’s have a chat.

I’m on twitter, github, LinkedIn, instagram (where I put photos of my travel and food) and I keep some code snippets on gist. You can also email me directly if that’s your cup of tea.